“ Take my building, equipment, all my money, my land, but leave me my people, and in one year I will be back on top again” ~Andrew Carnegie

I’m no tycoon, but this quote captures exactly the gratitude and value I place on the people that make up our coaching staff here at Work/Play! I’ve known each of them for years, have developed deep trust with each, and I am regularly humbled by their talent, their enthusiasm, their reliability, their punctuality, their dedication, their leadership, and their commitment to our community! We are strong, and our community will continue to grow stronger, because of the strength of our group of great coaches, and more importantly, great people!



Glen Schleehauf

Owner, Head Coach

Am I walking my talk? That’s something I ask myself all the time, because being credible and being a leader and making the right decisions for me, my family, my staff and all the members of this community is so important to me. I don’t recommend anything; a book, an exercise, a workout, a sleep aid, a vitamin, another product or service, unless I’ve done it myself first.

– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer- Precision Nutriton, Pn Level 1 Nutriton Coach- CrossFit level 2  Trainer- CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified- CrossFit Rowing Certified- CrossFit Gymnastics Certified- CrossFit Kettlebell Instructor- CrossFit Movement and Mobility (With Kelley Starrett)- CrossFit Coach’s Prep Course- Training Think Tank Exercise Physiology Course- Training Think Tank Assessment Course- Training Think Tank Strength Course

– Training Think Tank Energy Systems Course- Training Think Tank Athlete Camp and Coaches Seminar (With Max El-Hag)- OPT CCP Physical Assessment x2- OPT CCP Program Design x2- OPT CCP Life Coaching x2- OPT CCP Business Systems- Naka Athletics gymnastics seminar (Carl Paoli)- The Outlaw Way training camp x2- Attitude Nation weightlifting seminar (Jon norht


Jon, “Robo” Robicheau


I coach the early morning classes (5am, 6am) a few days a week before I head to school myself where I’m studying to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. The members at Work/play are the reason I wake up in the morning. The enthusiasm, willingness to be coached, hunger and desire to improve and get better, that these clients bring to my classes sets the tone for me and inpires me to be a better student myself!

– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer – CrossFit Gymnastics Certified – CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certified – CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Level 2 – CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certified – USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach

– The Outlaw Way Training Camp – Training Think Tank Exercise Physiology Course – Training Think Tank Assessment Course – Training Think Tank Strength Course – Training Think Tank Energy Systems Course


Sara White

Coach, Yogi

For the past few years Work/Play has been my happy place. No matter how I’m feeling when I arrive, I always leave in a better mood after spending an hour or more here exercising and being surrounded by positive people and good energy. I found some Zen here, and opportunities to be more so, which I never imagined at first blush. I’m feel very grateful and lucky to work with some of my favorite people, members and coaches. This community is close to my heart, and it’s really special to me that I’m involved in it and with it all at once. It feels like a rising tide, everyone is succeeding and striving and reaching their goals together!

– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer – Dark Horse Academy Rowing Trainer Course

– 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training, Siddhi Yoga, Arombol India – Yoga Anatomy Training, Parimukti Yoga


Sam Gulinello


Joining Work/Play as a member years ago was the best decision I ever made! Being able to turnaround and provide that same experience to others now as a coach is so gratifying and so fulfilling.

– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


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